Our range is constantly changing and expanding, as such we’re sure you can find your one for the road no matter what vehicle you drive. If you’re struggling to find the right tyre for your vehicle, please contact us or your nearest dealer to discuss your requirements.


Quality & Value

Just because a tyre is ‘good’ value doesn’t mean it should only be ‘good’ quality. Rapid Tyres strive for excellence in quality whilst still offering you the best value for your money, protecting you and your wallet.


With over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing tyres and the latest in tyre manufacturing machinery, you can be sure our tyres are of the highest standards and conform to strict quality controls.


Your tyres are the only contact you have with the road so they need to perform when it matters. Rapid Tyres are designed with performance in mind across the entire range giving you total peace of mind.


Rapid Tyres are so sure of the quality we guarantee it!
Our accidental tyre damage guarantee is only available
from registered dealers. To find your nearest dealer
please use our dealer locator.


We have more than 30 Rapid
Tyre dealerships around the UK
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